Katatrad Aksorn Co, Ltd., founded in 2014, is a digital type foundry based in Chonburi and a subsidiary of Cadson Demak Co., Ltd. We provide a wide collection of contemporary typefaces and a range of typographic services. All of our typefaces are based on international standard and crafted to reflect the needs and requirements of both the local and global design industry. We are striving for a culture where there is unlimited creativity in how Thai and Latin types can be used together across multiple platforms, giving designers the opportunity to experiment to their heart’s content.

Our designs are focused on practicality, both in terms of typography and type play. Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to forecast exactly how each type will be used in the real world; therefore, we try our best to perfect the details for all kinds of applications. Each typeface is also optimized for multi-platform use in response to the current state and advances in technology.

Moreover, we are a leading organization in Thai type design as well as being the center of knowledge for all-things typography. Over the past few years, we have collaborated with both private and public organizations in order to build awareness and understanding of type design, so that designers and businesses can maximize the potential of type in communication.